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Aphrodite INK on Themes not so thematic


I’ve learned through personal experience from putting on my own events that themes don’t always come across in actuality from what you’ve planned.

I attended a themed event over this past weekend that didn’t exactly come across as the intended theme. Although the crowd was very engaging, the drinks were on point, and the venue itself was artsy and spirited as advertised from Studio No.7’s site, the theme of the night was visually unapparent. Friday night’s theme was “Carnival, The Masquerade” where they would be celebrating their own take on the Carnival of Brazil, however once my friends and I arrived fifteen minutes until 11pm there were no masks, no Brazilian type atmosphere, and though the music was fun, there was no essence of Carnival. Their food and drink menu advertised that food would be served until 11 so as soon as we walked in we went to the bar to order food and their kitchen was already closed. We figured as much but were a little upset that they didn’t adhere to their own times. Also being that it was a bar and lounge there were more people than there were available seating so we piled together up on one couch. We didn’t stay long since the drinks were strong and we weren’t able to eat so we left only after thirty minutes. Another thing that was misleading for this night, was that they didn’t previse of the parking arrangements, as it was $10 to park across the street and also they advised to RSVP for the event beforehand so upon looking online to do so I found an Eventbrite listing for $10 to attend the event. Earlier in the day I was on Eventbrite to purchase my tickets and soon found out that ticket purchases had ended. Once I called the venue to confirm having to purchase tickets, someone advised that it was open to the public and that tickets did not need to be purchased. I found it very upsetting if I had bought tickets for this event and it turned out to be for nothing, so I was pleased that I didn’t buy them prior to the event. Altogether it was a good experience and a great opportunity to see a venue with potential so I would definitely find myself hosting or attending another event there. However as far as food goes, my group and I ended up walking down the street to a restaurant called STATS that was open late and had great food served until 1am. We ended the night there and quite enjoyed ourselves.



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