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$300 Marketing and Promotions

If you would like for Aphrodite INK to take control of your marketing and promotional needs, or setting up and running a fundraiser campaign, we can create and facilitate one for you. Our duties include but are not limited to:


Creating a flyer or advertisement for social media, blogs, posts, emails, etc. all for promotional purposes. We are also skilled in creating personalized perks to sell to your supporters and also finding ways to advertise and publicize for you. Often we will hand create accounts with multiple promotional companies in order to make personalized gifts as a way to promote your business or event. We can create business cards, brochures, flyers, table runners, step and repeats, etc. for all your marketing needs. We also have a few sites that we can place your advertisements on, for further marketing pushes.


We would create your fundraiser campaign with all the information you’ve given us, and create perks and contributions for your supports. We will facilitate and run the campaign on our end, while setting up information for you to receive the funds directly. We can create the advertisement for the campaign as well as create the perks for the supporters, also with your budget in mind. We can create these incentives suitable for your event or business that would best match perks for your customers, while sticking with your ideal budget in mind.

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up to $500

This type of event might include: cookout, barbecue or family dinner, music or poetry listening event, baby shower

  • scheduled or requested space, typically with a refundable deposit hold
  • bringing your own provided food and beverage
  • family and friends photography and music
  • self serve parking on first come first serve basis
  • hosts provide invitations by word of mouth or emails
  • little to no decorations needed

venue types: pool and/or club houses of one of the attendees, rec center, family home

$500-$1500 budget event

This type of event includes: website launch party

  • venue with optioned or budgeted inside bar and food minimum
  • outside photographer and DJ
  • free parking as arranged by event hosts
  • hosts provided promotions and invitations
  • event holder purchases Stand and Repeat for pictures and publicity

venue: Studio No. 7


$1500-$2500 budget event

This type of event includes: get together bash

  • venue with budgeted inside bar and food minimum
  • hired photographer and DJ, visual projector & helium balloon tank
  • free parking as arranged by event hosts
  • hosts provided promotions, invitations, decorations

venue: Red Light Cafe

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$3000-$5000+ budget event

This type of event includes: cabaret/burlesque entertainment show

  • venue rental only with decor
  • outside cash bar and bar staff
  • budgeted food minimum with outside caterer
  • hired photographer, DJ & performers
  • outside vendors providing “atmosphere”
  • free parking as arranged by event hosts
  • hosts provided promotions, invitations, VIP arrangements, & prize giveaways

venue: Le Maison Rouge | Paris on Ponce

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High end budget event

This type of event might include: weddings, reunions, productions, dance/formal balls

  • venue rental requiring a food and beverage minimum
  • No outside bar or catering permitted;  must use their preferred caterers and bar-tending
  • use of their preferred professional photographers, DJ’s,  decorators, vendors
  • valet parking for larger guests accommodations
  • provided publicity to the general public or privately invited guests
  • overnight hotel stay arrangements, limo and/or car services, buses

venue types: Hotels, resorts, theaters, wedding halls