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Aphrodite INK and Masquerades

I’m an advocate for masquerades. It’s a way that people can express their inner selves while disguising their outward selves for just a moment. But be cautious, your true nature will come out one day and will no longer wish to hide underneath the mask.  A person’s inner most fantasizing self or nature can freely be the expressive, carnal, courageous, or even understanding while disguised and that’s when all inhibitions are set free. So be that tempting and exciting person, or the real intoxicating human being you truly are.

These are a few of my favorite things. All things sensual and exotic, and the real intoxicating human nature of people and the beauty of embracing your wild side. Hide nothing and express yourself in a true Aphrodite-Esque nature. Please enjoy the Masquerade.

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