#GetClubesqued 2

Aphrodite INK at #GetClubesqued 2

This show was even better than the last. The performances were great, the costumes were stunning, and the crowd went wild. Everything from burlesque and boylesque, to singing and dancing, to a beautiful aerialist piece, this show blew me away for the second time. Sunni Stephens and company sure know how to keep the audience wanting more. Improvements on this experience included integrating male performers, because ladies love to gawk as much as men do, beautifully attired and fit to the theme waitresses and staff walking around asking for drink refills and orders, and even students of the Atlanta School of Burlesque were given the opportunity to shine on stage with the new skills they learned from the school. I even found myself so moved by the show that I bribed a sweet gentlemen to sell me a masquerade from their photo props table. It turns out that that sweet man that I had bribed was none other than Sunni’s husband. Showing his full support for his wife and giving in to one Aphrodite’s collection of masks, he sold it to me with a smile. I hope that everyone experiences this show at least once in their life, if not many, many more times and I’m hoping that one day Clubesque and Aphrodite INK will get the opportunity to collaborate on an event one day.

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