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Here are my thoughts, my ideas, my progress from pen to perfection for past, present, and future events. Enjoy

Carnival in Brazil

Aphrodite INK on Carnival in Brazil

One day Aphrodite INK will make it to a Carnival celebration in Brazil. Here’s to Fat Tuesday or more commonly know as Mardi Gras. View the beautiful event here.

Mangueira samba school's drum queen Evelyn Bastos participates in the annual carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome

Mangueira samba school’s drum queen Evelyn Bastos participates in the annual carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome.

Highlights from the Sambadromes in Rio and Sao Paulo.


Etsy Time

Aphrodite INK and Etsy Time

The inbox notification chime that I hear when I get a response back from a listing on Etsy, I gleefully refer to as my Etsy Time. It’s better than a text message and more exciting than a phone call. That chime is the sound of a shop owner responding back to an inquiry I made on one of their listing. Seeing that I throw event and attend events throughout the year and several times throughout the year, I find all of my handmade and hand crafted and customizable listings on Etsy. If I want to shop for a custom costume or customizable promotional item, or a one of a kind memorabilia product, or if I want an antique inspired wedding favor or decoration, Etsy is the first place I come to. Anything you can think of you are sure to find it as a specialty from somebody on Etsy. The creative hands and minds from these shop owners start from a passion and a gift that they possess and make it into a successful business. I know I’ve contributed to the success of many shop owners on Etsy by the extensive custom-made items I own. From custom pirate hats, to custom masks and all the way down to full custom gowns and faerie wings that I own thanks to Etsy, I have always and will forever start on Etsy for my creative and customizable needs. Here’s one shop owners attest and success from Etsy.

Meet Etsy’s richest seller

ThreeBirdNest.com Founder Alicia Shaffer on the company and its success selling products on Etsy.


Mardi Gras 2015

Aphrodite INK on Mardi Gras 2015

Having enjoyed and experienced Mardi Gras 2013 personally, I hope everyone took some part of Mardi Gras this year. It’s an experience everyone at some time should be able to take apart of one day. Whether it was an event, a party bus to New Orleans, or your office celebrated or will celebrate this holiday, please enjoy

Enjoy some pictures from this years Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 2015 falls on February 17 and the fun, frolic, frenzy has rolled onto the streets of New Orleans. Check out the action-packed parades, colourful floats and all the glitz and glamour of the carnival nights: