Aphrodite INK’s Menagerie

is a Collection of Diverse, Unique and Creative Women Who Strive to Live By our Motto

~Creating Creative Events for Creative People~


 Aphrodite INK Production’s first official project as a troupe was the dance video project. We put out a public dancers call to any interested ladies from all walks of life, who wanted to take part of a full dance immersion project. After we found our final dancers we began the exciting journey into creating something spectacular. With rehearsals, costume fittings, photo shoots, venue scouting, all day chats and calls, plus a two day – two weekend filming process, we learned to function and create as one. As a group we learned from each other, supported each other, and pushed each other, so we instantly and quite easily became a group of like-minded, dedicated, intensively creative women.  We fell upon the name Aphrodite INK’s Menagerie by realizing that as creative as we are individually, as a diverse collective group,  we are so much more. We are Aphrodite INK’s Menagerie and we are creating creative events for creative people, and we have so much more to bring to the world. Look our for more to come from this troupe.