Aphrodite INK Productions is an outlet of Aphrodite INK where we execute and produce our own special events, shows, and projects. In addition to gaining clients to execute, host and plan their events, Aphrodite INK Productions can showcase our own creatively inspired productions. These productions can range from themed events and cabarets to cocktail parties and mimosa soirées, to masquerade balls and so much more. Our particular productions, which are produced for the general public to attend and enjoy, are executed with fine attention to detail to satisfy every aspect of the guests interests and needs. Whether it be an interest for hired cast members, different genres and styles of dancers and entertainers, to unique venues and food and drink options, we strive to always bring you the best. We not only want to bring the entertainment to you, we want our guests to partake in our productions as well. We want to produce events that other creatives like ourselves want to get involved in.

We are Creating Creative Events for Creative People.

Project One

Aphrodite INK Productions Presents A Dance Video Project

We are excited for this passion project of ours as Aphrodite INK Productions is creating a full dancer immersion experience for experienced and non experienced dancers to partake in. To get a feel and idea for the type of productions we can produce, we’ve picked a personal favorite dance number from a wildly popular film and hired a choreographer to put their own special twist on it. We will be creating a dance performance concept video for this production and we are using the finished product to promote the launch of Aphrodite INK Productions. We put a dancers call out to the public for dedicated, motivated, and unique dancers to join an experience unlike any other as each dancer will get the opportunity to be fully emerged in the production process filled with rehearsals, costuming, onsite filming, and more.

A dance video project (2)

For future Projects

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