Aphrodite INK and getting to know the creators

Kira Franklin & Kamyla Carr

Twin sisters, Kira Franklin and Kamyla Carr, now co-owners and creators of Aphrodite INK, event planning and event services, always had planning and events in their bones. They loved being in the scene, on stage, and behind the scenes in whatever tasks were given to them. They joined a dance team in middle school that promoted awareness to being drug free, and they traveled and performed with their dance team around to different schools spreading drug free awareness. In high school the two were on the pep squad, the step team, and performed in the dance magnet program all four years of high school, which included getting a finishing certificate in mastering the dance of ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, and African dance. In college, Kira went on to teach jazz dance classes, formed after her muse Bob Fosse, and Kamyla danced on the Envy Dance team which was the schools dance team that performed at basketballs games and competed against other schools. During their sophomore year of college, the two became members of Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed Professional Business Fraternity. In Kamyla’s pledge class, she was elected secretary of her line and was on numerous committees such as special events, community service and fundraising. Kira was elected publicity chair of her pledge class and was also on the special events, community service and fundraising committees. In college, Kamyla earned her degree in business management in hopes to run her own business one day, while Kira got her degree in English with minors in creative writing and film studies. Kira finished her education with getting her Masters in English Creative Writing with a concentration in Screen Writing. You can find the two at any of the conventions around Atlanta, including DragonCon or any special event or entertaining weekend that allows the two to express their creative sides by dressing up, showing out, and having a great time. And that is why they started their business Aphrodite INK for event planning and event services. They take on client requested events that could range from birthday dinners and children’s parties, to baby showers and bachelorette parties, to public events like cabarets and masquerades. With Kira’s creative writing styles and Kamyla’s business minded background, and both of their love and knowledge of stage and performances, and special events, to two will be ready to put on any number of events requested of them, whether it’s hosting, to planning, to fully executing and entertaining. And the name Aphrodite INK comes from the two’s passions. With her love of English and literature, Kira found that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, symbolizing love, passion, beauty, and procreation, would be fitting for this business they were creating out of a passion of theirs, and the INK symbolizes Kira’s creative writing and screenwriting styles. The INK also stands for the acronyms of Kamyla’s fiery side and persona, I am Natalie Kane; her confident, sexy, strong willed and business minded, Sasha fierce alter ego. So there you have it, Kira aka Ms. Lady Aphrodite and Kamyla aka I am Natalie Kane of Aphrodite INK.