Aphrodite INK

There are two sides to every story and the same goes for Aphrodite INK. Creating creative events for creative people is our clientele based event planning outlet while Aphrodite INK as a whole specializes in putting our own personal touch on our event services.

We get our inspirations and ideas for our events from different cultures, cities, movies and theater and we strive for the most unique and extravagant events we can imagine. Aphrodite is a symbol of beauty, love, passion, and procreation and Aphrodite INK endeavors to do the same. Our event planning and event servicing will allow you to imagine the most beautifully distinctive events you can think of and we will create and produce an event for you to love. We are passionate about what we do and we will put our stamp on making your vision come true by creating a masterpiece for you and your guests to enjoy. We are on a path to reinvent the way people experience events and we want to be your first thought for your next event.

I Event Do You

We are event enthusiasts. We love attending events, planning events, and preparing for events. We love traveling to events, staying in the hotels, and visiting a new surrounding for events. We love making lists for events to ensure nothing is left out or forgotten. We love shopping for events especially if it requires something to be custom-made. We even love preparing for any emergency and or costume malfunctions that need a back up plan. Depending on the size, the style, the city, or the expense of the event, we most definitely love the fulfillment and the thrill of the event. Starting anywhere from a year in advance to only a few weeks planning for a totally sporadic event, we’ve enjoyed it all and we’ve done it all. It’s the full experience of the hustle and the strategic planning, the stress and relief of a good or bad event, and the absolute euphoria that events allow you to experience. We are passionate about events. So our question to you is:

I Event Do You!

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